Learning a language is about more than understanding your conversation partner. Ever since our founding in 2010, we have believed that language connects, inspires and unites. Language Institute Sam’s Lingua Centre offers top-notch language courses to a vast range of people. 

 Our trainers are exclusively trained, who are driven by their shared passion for teaching others the foreign language and their quest for nothing short of excellence. Moreover, they understand like no other the cultural context you operate in. They are uniquely suited to helping you become more self-assured in, satisfied with and unhindered in your international communication. 

 We know through experience that people learn best when they are involved, inspired, undisturbed and given personal attention, and when the learning tempo is varied. At our institute, we give you the space to fully focus on developing your language skills, personal effectiveness and authenticity. Our institute is welcoming, well-organised and tranquil: everything has been designed to help you achieve a state of flow. 




To impart quality language instruction to all aspirants who have chosen foreign language as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits, and to promote international and intercultural understanding. 



To become one of the leaders in teaching foreign language in Coimbatore by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding. 



Our value, in itself, is an innovative provider of educative content. Our qualified educators and teachers deliver our proven teaching methods and programs, tailored to suit student’s need and make them excel.