Japanese Language


Learn the Japanese language and customs

Learning Japanese is not a mission impossible.  The basic language course from Sam's Lingua Centre enables the student to master the basic conversation in Japanese Language. The course is intended for the beginners and lets you identify whether Japanese is for you. You will learn about vocabulary and be able to frame small sentences and talk with people in the day to day life. 


What does a Japanese course at Sam's Lingua Centre involve?

This course is best suited for those who wish to know whether  Japanese is a language they want to invest their time in. If you are travelling to  Japan for a short period of time, you will also find this course highly useful, as it  will acquaint you with a number of phrases and terms that will make your time in  Japan a lot more comfortable.The course aims to make you proficient in the basic Japanese level of the language, allowing you to converse using the language, and talk about everyday things in an easy manner.

Scope of the Course


By the completion of the program, the student will be able to perform the following:

 ✔   Introduce themselves

 ✔   Greet people in Japanese

 ✔   Learn common phrases

 ✔   Learn how to frame basic sentences in Japanese

 ✔   Get a basic understanding of grammar practices as well as basic vocabulary

 ✔   Understand verbs and their various forms, including past, future and negative forms

 ✔   Use basic grammar concepts such as adjectives