Message from Directors


We on behalf of the management, faculty, staff and all Samaites welcome you all to Sam’s where not only you will learn languages but also have the most memorable journey with us. 

Learning Languages is not only a way of learning new things but also looking at the world in a different way. We have always followed our rewards in your success and this truly translates into a long and honoring relationship with every student who completed course at Sam’s Lingua Centre.

 Opportunities are many, future is great but to make the most of it you have to work hard toil and give your best and I promise you that along with you we will work hard we will toil and we will give our best to ensure each ones dreams and aspirations are full filled.

At Sam’s your dreams are our dreams your aspirations are our aspirations, its in your victory that we celebrate our success so join us in the journey to a successful future with confidence and let’s leave no stone unturned to create a future that will make your parents, friends, society, and the world be proud off, for every student is special, you are special. 

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